Background on Los Abiertos Project:

Over the course of four months studying abroad in Barcelona, fate crossed my path with fascinating and impressive individuals. The caliber of these people was that of the illusive, successful adults I read about in books and newspapers, from a world I never imagined would be at my access. Famous athletes, world-renowned musicians, international models, Harvard graduates- why were they wasting their time with me?

Blown away by their intellect and generosity, I spent four months quietly observing the ways of these people who came to be known to me as “Los Abiertos,” the Open Ones. In this piece, I have created a general sketch of Los Abiertos, speaking of them as one. Do not be misled, these insights are the summation of hundreds of observations garnered from 20+ uniquely aged and originated people from around the world. “Los Abiertos” itself is simply a name I have chosen to call the entire group- these fascinating, impossibly generous, present-living humans.

There are no widely-held principles or agreed-upon roadmap to be an Abierto. However, in reviewing my notes, journals, and interviews conducted over the past four months, I discovered that there were common values and morals held by a vast majority of Los Abiertos. Despite their extreme differences in upbringing, race, gender, career, religion, age, I found that they were shockingly similar. These are my findings. These are Los Abiertos.