What is a joy soldier?

I have begun to articulate what I believe to be my purpose on this earth with the self-coined term "joy soldier." This term, I have come to define, is a person who equips themselves with the tools of wellness, mindfulness, positive psychology, and compassion to generate joy and alleviate suffering in daily interactions with others. I have found that there is an invisible army of these "joy soldiers" in any organization, people who share the common purpose of being boots-on-the-ground sources of jubilance and lift those around them. One cannot be a phenomenal joy soldier unless they take care of themselves, so it is essential to practice self-compassion and self-care as well.

Here are some of the joy soldier victories that have occurred this year, including organized events like Head Talks and MeditationWorks, and daily causes of celebration such as practicing yoga, connecting with others, surprising friends with flowers, sharing books, stories, and meals. 


"Joy's soul lies in the doing" -Shakespeare

Head Talks  (More Here)

Head Talks (More Here)

MeditationWorks  (More Here)

MeditationWorks (More Here)