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About Oats & Woes

Hi there!

Sarah Wood here, the voice behind Oats & Woes.

Oats & Woes has transformed me as much as it has transformed itself. Started when I was a freshman in college, it began as an instagram account with 22 followers to document my affinity for oatmeal. A year later, it grew into a small oatmeal company that popped up around Ann Arbor coffee shops and local businesses. Selling oatmeal bowls, its purpose was to spread nourishment and oats through our wonderful college town. As a junior, the blog became Oats & Goes, capturing my time studying abroad in India and Barcelona. Now, graduated from college and living in Manhattan, Oats & Woes has returned to its roots as I have come to cherish mine.

Through yoga, mentorship, meditation, some fantastic flops and falls, new friendships, an awakened sense of purpose, clarity of self, and lots and lots of reading, my four years at Michigan were the greatest education and self-study I could have asked for. 

Please feel free to reach out if something in this story resonates with you.